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Shipping Wars Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4 featured a head to head battle between two shipping vetrans, Roy Garber and Marc Springer.  Both shippers battle hard for their loads on uship.com and come away with decent income.  Battling weather, Roy’s shipping run is filled with complications including a nearly flooded trailer.  Marc’s run is mostly problem free and involves some historical military tanks.

Full excerpt from A&E’s website:

After Marc battles it our with the other transporters, he wins a load of two Military tanks headed across the country and Roy lands a mint condition Model A being shipped from one collector to another. After Marc quickly loads up the tanks, he’s got to find his way through a maze of round-a-bouts in a small Pennsylvania town before he even makes it to the highway. Roy has to make this delivery and get back home in time for his son’s graduation, but when he’s caught up in one of the worst storms in history, will he damage the load and find himself out of pocket for this priceless antique?

Marc’s Run:

  • Income: $4000
  • Expenses: -$1000
  • Crane Rental: -$500
Customer Feedback: 5 STARS

Total Profit: $2500

Roy’s Run:

  • Income: $1000
  • Expenses: – $400

Customer Feedback: 5 stars

Total Profit: $600

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