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About Shipping Wars

Shipping Wars is a real life series following six independent shippers who strive to earn a living by shipping items traditional trucking companies won’t carry.

Each show explores the competitive world of non-traditional shipping and the carriers willing to put their reputation on the line to earn a dollar.  Each day hundreds of loads are put up for auction on uship.com, a shipping website where shippers can bid on loads.  The loads range from simple appliances and household goods to exotic automobiles, vintage helicopters, movie props and much more.  The auctions are cutthroat and the movers have a few short minutes to bid and win the auction.  Typically the lowest bidder earns the load however the shippers reputation plays a significant role in earning the shipment.

Financially successful shippers know enough to calculate time, gas, lodging costs, maintenance and possible unexpended costs along the way.  Underestimating the size of the goods and if they can fit on ones truck or how a load gets lifted onto the truck can make the difference between making money and breaking even.  Shipping Wars episodes often explore the difference between seasoned vetarans and rookies looking to make a quick buck.

Shipping Wars is produced by Megalomedia for A&E Network.  The shows executive producer is Jonathan Nowzaradan, producer of “My 600lbs Life” and a new show, Texas Car Wars.  Co-executive producers are Tom Mireles, Jeff Keels and Graham Davidson.  A&E executive producers are David McKillop, Elaine Frontain Bryant, Neil A. Cohen and Devon Graham.